Yes, someone

The installation consists of two parallelepiped glass panels, arranged on the ground. A camera and a video projector are installed in a closed circuit, creating a moving image in feedback. The slice lines of the glass, as well as the dust and traces, are repeated to infinity, creating a pattern inhabited by a helical impulse. The title of the work refers to the text of Ovide’s “Metamorphoses”, and is a response from the nymph Echo to a question of Narcissus.

Presented at the exhibition “The Vestibule and semicircular canals” in 2013 at the Alberta Pane gallery/Video Installation/variable dimensions (approx. 2m50 on 1M50)/2 plates of glass, wood, video circuit in feedback.

Exhibition The vestibule and the semicircular canals with Sarah Duby and João Vilhena, Alberta Pane Gallery.