Black Sands

The short film Black Sands was developed from 2015 and made in 2016. The project was born from the poetry of a black oyster shell found on a Norman beach. Over time, other elements and materials, harvested or manufactured, are arranged with this enigmatic object. Small binoculars, piece of coral, translucent beads, black sand, sawdust, liquids, and dust make up a material partition. Interpreters experience these elements through actions: manipulation, ingestion, secretion, dizziness, gestures… The situations connect the performers, beyond their solitary presence in the places. The film offers a look at how these bodies – human, material – inhabit and circulate in an urban landscape, a modernist architecture inherited from the years 70-80.

Within a modern architectural ensemble, five individuals experiment with underground and physical connections, through their actions, manipulated objects or moving materials. Transitions and fluidity happen despite or through their loneliness. Then a shift happens from the real to the strange, and the emersion of a mineral time, dreamed or remembered.

With: Dorothée Caradec, Denis Christophel, Alexandrine Leclère, Florence Meunier, Mathieu Poupon. Director: Florence Girardeau / Lumière: Sarah Duby / Music: Mike Ladd / Costumes: Florence Anne Meunier/ Technical support: Julie Fruchon Gustavo Almenara / Sound design: Cristian Sotomayor / Calibration: Magali Marc

-Premiere at Le6b, Saint-Denis, November 2016.
-Festival Les Irrécupérables, La Gare Expérimentale, Paris, 2017.
-Brussels Independent Film Festival, Official selection, 2018. Page Facebook Project Black sand.