Proprioception is the sensitivity peculiar to bones, muscles, tendons and joints and which provides information on the static, the balancing, the movement of the body in space. The video Proprioception is composed of several short excerpts from the silent film "Twenty Miles Leagues Under the Seas" by Stuart Paton, shot in 1916 and adapted from the novel by Jules Verne. At that time, the suits were still rudimentary and heavy, and the diving equipment did not exist. The characters evolve in the water while walking, which seems unlikely these days. Their equipment and their stubbornness to walk under the water make us discover a strange way of moving. If they are in the waters to entertain themselves with a hunting party, the absence of this context lets imagine the use to be made of the guns they carry. The absence of the context finds an echo in the importance of the off-field, towards which the divers go to each extract, and which they seem to never reach.

2005/Video/1 ' 1 "/without sound