PHANÈRE, subst. Masc. Biol. ,, any apparent epidermal formation: fingernails, hairs, feathers ” (man.-Man. Med. 1980). The “phanères” are the decor of the form: hairy system, eye color, teeth, apertures, skin. The hair is more or less lustrous, the teeth have more or less brightness, the mucous edges are more or less sharp and pigmented, the skin more or less smooth (Arts and Litt., 1935, p. 44-4). “Phanères” are essentially composed of keratins, known for their richness in sulfur amino acids and their insolubility (Adr.-Legr. 1981). Source: CNRTL.

2010/Drawing/Fine felt on paper/triptych, 3 times 37 x 46 cm