Ontophylo, Images

In July 2016, I met Carole Steine, choreographer and dancer, during a workshop in the Basque country. I film her research and experiments in nature, mountain, and with the other dance bodies. My own image-movement experiments, with camera, find echoes in the perception quality. A few months later, Carole gave to see three public performances of her solo Ontophylo. For the Biennale Off in Rennes, we plan to expose the various phases of the project to the public. The installation Ontophylo – Image is deployed in 3 video projections, each diffusing a specific loop: researches in the natural and human landscape, an improvisation created with Jordi Mas (dancer) on my proposal, and finally a editing of public representations of Ontophylo indoors, where some views of rock or herbs have seeped in. The space is thought for the traffic of visitors between these three video loops, whose spatial and random editing created correspondences, echoes and a non-linear playback. The soundtrack, created by Carole from raw recordings of her landscape crossing, is also played in a loop, with a range of silence between each reading. The installation brings together and connects separate spaces and times, opening a specific perception of the moving body, its memory, and the process of creation. In the framework of the Biennale Off, movements, Rennes, 2016.