One place Another (scenario)

I looped this work naming scenario what could be, and what comes from a kind of unscripted images, video monitoring. Using the Internet, I have explored more than a hundred web-cam or even Weather-cam around the world. Contrary to the usual use of web-cam, these cameras are placed where there is hardly no human figure most of the time because their primary objective is to show alive the weather of the place. Among these images, I selected 16 views from which I extracted a fixed image, materialized in the form of argentic print. Then, using black spray paint, I painted a perspective, a box, obscuring part of the image. These views are decontextualised, and a focus is made on their fictional and poetic power. It is a gesture that goes against the global tendency to show everything, expose everything, see everything, via new technologies and in particular Google Map.

Series of 16, laminated color argentic print on aluminium, paint/16, 2cm x 28, 8cm each. /2014