N/A (a maze)

A wooden plank of 3m50 dimensions on 1M50 is placed on the ground and leaning against a cimaise. Its torch-burnt surface is black, with opacity and brightness depending on the veins of the wood. In its midst is projected a colorful videographic image. The image, composed of architectural and geometric sections, illuminated with colorful lights, changes slowly, with disappearances, appearances and transparencies of forms. Looking at this image requires the involvement of the visitor’s body in space, by the action of bending, or crouching, or even leaning. The device generates a separate place from the exhibition space, and yet in open circulation. N/d is the symbol of a fraction, where n is the numerator and D is the denominator.

The installation “N/d (a maze)” was shown in the exhibition “A Night Screen” in 2012 to 6b, Saint-Denis.
Video installation, blackened wood with blowtorch, HD/350 x 200 x150cm video projection

  A Night Screen: Video exhibition, with Romain Kronenberg, Estefania Peñafiel Loaiza, Jacques perconte, Emilie Schalck, Maxime Thieffine. 2012