The linoleum video is a plane-sequence in lateral travelling. The camera follows a body in its evolution. First up, this body goes to the ground to crawl. The body is filmed in close-up, scrolling from the feet to the head, end of the video. Each part of the filmed body is the driving force of the action, each filmed part is the part where the attention and the forces of the performer are concentrated. The soil is always present in the picture, and thus also the moving contact of the body part with the ground. During this scrolling, the close-up plane produces a loss of logical landmarks when to the actual anatomy of that body. The element is made flesh and no longer a member. At times, visual cues re-establish the understanding of physics in action. These successive phases create a oscillation between a free image of landmarks, and an image where understanding is rebuilt. The sound is that of the skin in contact with the ground.

It's the feet. Identifiable. On the heels, one step, two steps, several. One step, two steps, several on the soles of the feet. One step, two steps on the tip. Failover. On the top of the foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot. The skin adheres to the ground. Knees, skin, bones, skin folds in adhesion on the floor, body weight to move forward. Thighs. Beat. Skin that adheres, thrust, detachment, suction sound, oscillation of muscles, swaying. Skin, muscles. Shake. A skin Volume: a hollow, a full, a two-step advance. Skin as tractor, interface between weight that grows and soil. Skin torn from the ground. Oscillation of flesh in the air, residues of thrust. A higher region, less pronounced hollow, tipping. Almost flat Surface, volume that stretches and relaxes, accordion. Contraction, approximation, adhesion of skin, and relaxation, elongation, fetch the ground further. Join again. Failover. A hollow, same movement: contraction, and relaxation, the skin adheres. Almost flat, rises, falls, rises, falls. Oscillation movement, pendulum, skin, sweat. A bump, grab the ground, push, grab the ground, push. Hollow and hair. Identifiable, the head. Action complete.

2005/Video/11 '/Sound