The hornet’s Dream

Under a title that borrows from surrealism, taken from the soundtrack, stands an immersive installation. A large projection is deployed on the walls painted in black. We can guess architectural sections of wall, and metal structures. The camera explores this place plunged in darkness and illuminated by electric sources, a whole neighborhood under construction, in the phase where the concrete walls stand, where the buildings seem hollow, where we walk in a pre-ruin. The projection, on two walls at right angles, creates halos of colors due to the reflections of the painting and diffraction of projector’s light. On the right, slightly overlapping, about 70 cm wide and at bust height is projected another video. Hands are manipulating a wooden Chinese puzzle. The first soundtrack diffuses at irregular intervals and between silences, city roars and engines. The second soundtrack consists of voices droning out words, a riddle game, whose general meaning turns to the absurd. This installation confronts the dimensions of the global and the self, in the attempt to approach, with the sensitive, the macroscopic structures of architecture and language.

Variable Dimensions/2 projections, black paint, sound diffused on speakers and headphones. A work carried out in collaboration with Joanne Samson, with the participation of CĂ©line Meillaud, Edouard Lanneau, and Nicolas Trossat. Exhibition “Superstructures” organized by Julien Pelloux, Le6b, 2014.