If you want to come back

A continuous ascent draws a random journey into the city. The scroll of the trajectory remembers the cinematic scroll, or that of the barbaric organ. The earth would be flat, the earth would be hollow and the sky in the center. At the top, it's just a start.

The video has a duration of 5 minutes 49 seconds. She's being thrown in a loop. It consists of a montage of 10 planes, put end to end. Each plan shows us a point of view the city of Tokyo, through the glass of an outside elevator that rises or goes down. Each shot was filmed from a different elevator. The planes where the lift rises are mounted alternately with the planes where the elevator goes down. The planes where the elevator goes down are mounted upside down, geometrically and not temporally. This reversal of the sense of the image, for these planes, leads to the movement being a climb to the ground. Thus, all the video has an upward movement, alternately towards the sky, towards the earth. The transition between each plan is made so that the movement does not stop. Each sky is joined to the sky of the next sequence, each floor is joined to the ground of the next sequence. The windows of the elevators have horizontal bars, these bars located a short distance from the camera, pass through the image from top to bottom. These bars are similar to the intervals between the photograms of film films. They give a false cinematic rhythm to the video that has its own pixel scan rate. The last image of the 5 minutes 49 seconds is the image that precedes, in the original plane, the first image of 5min. 49s. So there is no beginning or end in this video, the loop being closed.

In front we are already dedan/s, and the machine rises, it rises, it leaves the ground. The nearest objects/scroll, they pass, we leave their bases. We are higher, we see behind, the PLA/ns of the bottom, then the bottom. The horizon line that is forming. And more and more juices/that out there, the expanse spreads. We get even higher, there is more sky, we are d/ans the sky, we go up in the sky. It's the sky, a light fog, you go up in a sky. We go up to the horizon line, we ascend to the expanse of the city which is spread out. The first plans arrive, we see their peaks. They hide us from the spread, they hide us from the horizon, they hide us from the sky. They parade past us, we arrive/at their base, we get to the ground. It's the ground that passes, and we're going up the floor. Ascensi/On along the walls of the foreground elements. Ascension, we hope,/here are some roofs. The more distant elements appear, and always in/the machine, automatic, slippery, at this point one dominates the extent. The sky grows,/on rises straight to the sky. In the sky this gentle movement assuredly towards C/etter. The blue, top of the highest blue of the city. We're going up to the ground. On/arrives to the ground: the ground very quickly, the ground, no globe, no earthly layers, not/burning nucleus, no thickness. Already gone back to what rises from the ground to the/ciel. The heavens hope, desire it, we promise. Heaven false Sky, go up to Earth. Up, up (which is down), Mount, Mount (which is Descen/dre), Mount, Mount (which is descending), Mount, Mount (which is descending),/monter, Mount (which is descending), Mount, Mount (which is descending), M/Onter, Mount (which is descending), Mount, Mount (which is descending), M/Onter, Mount (which is descending),

2005/Video/5 '/without sound