Hold on!

The frame remains fixed during the 10 minutes of the video. The ripples on the surface of the water are moving. The image is slowed down. A voice shatters a text without comment if it is not a statement of the present state. This voice seems to come from the barrel that floats on the water. Most of the time it is addressed to the spectator, evoking the possible situation of the voice transmitter in the barrel, and the situation of the person watching the video. Other sounds are sometimes audible, such as dog barking in the distance and short chirps of birds. Sometimes it is impossible to distinguish between words. The sound volume is low and requires attention. The projected image is that of a lake where a colorful tin can float; It's slowing down to the extreme. A voice is addressed to you, asks you to wait. Tolerates you. It's slow, it's long, nothing happens, everything passes, and yet it's not the promised serenity. There's a rancid smell here, the one we'd like to forget. It holds us, it holds us. The comfort of the skin on the metal and the head down. It doesn't matter and that's it. A closed system. The voice creates the affect in the object-Horizon report. We want a little more patience. 2003/Video projection/sound/variable dimensions