Gradiva is part of a set of collages initiated in 2007, and born of an impulse to destroy the images, to neutralize the structure, the composition, to keep only the surface. The units are then aggregated into layers and deposits, striated casting. The images are there but indecipherable, like a coded memory process.¬†Gradiva is a story published in 1903 by the German writer Wilhelm Jensen, and analyzed in the book “Delirium and Dreams in the W. Jensen’s Gradiva” of Freud’s . The Gradiva is a feminine figure, materialized in the form of a bas-relief, which obsesses the main character, archaeologist. He associates her with Pompeii, where he imagines her living there, in the past and in the present. The collage is made from images of meat collected on the Internet.

2010/Collage/inkjet printing, Glass/196 x 105 cm