The Geopresencies performance was conceived in collaboration with Jordi Mas, dancer, and performed by him at the opening of the eponymous exhibition. The lights in the room are turned off. The performer circulates in the space between visitors, broadcasting a soundtrack created in a landscape of the Vall├Ęs, thanks to a small portable speaker, while a video is projected on the wall. There are fragments of skin, pigmented with graphite, which move slowly. The frame of the projection is attenuated by a cover, in an irregular oval. The performer puts the turned off speaker on the floor and seize the projector. It moves in space while circulating the projected images on the walls, the works hanging, the floor, the ceiling. Then, after a trip among the visitors, he puts the projector in the direction of the large sliding door, and opens the door. The projection is lost in the distance outside. The lights are back on. Performance in the context of the exhibition and the Geopresencies cycle, in Rocaumbert, Granollers, Catalonia, 2017.