In french, if the word “Lacune” is an “empty space in the scope of a thing, (a) solution of continuity of a body”, it can also designate an “open space by interruption in the continuity of the shoreline”. Originally from the Latin lacuna “hole” It is also accepted that it derives from Lacus, “Lake”. * Source: CNRTL.
The video installation Lacuna crystallizes the connection of certain places and certain observations. First of all, the Ear of Dionysus, a cave located in Syracuse, whose singular acoustics allowed King Denis to listen to the secrets of the prisoners. This cave that I visited in 2004 reveals to me the possibility of an increased and unusual perception of things. The ear of Dionysus was a starting point, which was associated with the shape of a step, or rather the counter-shape drawn by the gap of the legs during a step, and allowed the drawing of Lacuna. It is along this sculpted contour that the videographic image is projected. A stone surface, with its granular material, cracks and nooks, changes imperceptibly in appearance and colour. Indeed, it moistens until it is glistening with water and then dries again. This phenomenon occurs very slowly on various areas of the image, presenting at every moment parts where the water oozes and parts where the water evaporates. The slowness of the change of state questions our faculties of perception over time. The moving image also projects in the back of the pan (screen and sculpture), doubling the drawing and extending, emphasizing the game of form and counter-shape already present at the beginning of the design of the work.

The pan on which the video is projected is made of wood, painted and sanded in several layers of a black acrylic paint, mixed with graphite powder used as a pigment. Its surface has a silky appearance, like a matte lacquer or even a graphite coating. The edges of the wood panel are sharpened to a bevel, giving it the appearance of a blade. The wood panel is attached to the ground with metal rods engaged in the thickness. The fixation is invisible. The projector is placed vertically and is equipped with a cover that allows the projection of the proper shape.

The wooden panel measures 75 cm wide and 152 cm high. The distance between the pan and the background wall is about 100 cm. The projection on the wall in the background is about 150 cm wide and 200 cm high. The required distance from the projector to the pan is approx. 350 cm. The video has a duration of 14 minutes and 24 seconds, it is looped. The last image is synchronized with the first (true loop).

2011/Video installation/wood, acrylic and graphite paint, HD/180 x 200 x 350 cm video projection