f = G. M1. M2/R2


f = G. M1. M2/R2 is Newton's gravitational law, in which F is the gravitational force, G the gravitational constant, M1 and m2 the respective weights of the objects concerned and r the distance separating the center of each object. It is this law that can explain why we are stuck to the ground. Theoretically, we stand in the axis starting from the center of the Earth. The video shows people walking from right to left or from left to right of the screen, on a white background. The screen is divided into three parts, and in each of them the axis of the protagonists ' body is more or less bent in relation to the horizontal of the screen. Between two screen parts, the protagonists disappear to reappear immediately on the next part. The subdivision of the screen is only visible at this moment. If the protagonists come to cross, they do so in this cut, both disappearing in the eyes of the spectators. Each person has a personal way of apprehending the changed angle of his body. The video is a loop, there is no beginning and no end.

2005/Video/5 '/Mute