Eight gleaming locks

Made for the five years anniversary of Le6b and the exhibition “Welcome in Joyland, Kids!”, the project “Huit luisantes écluses” can be defined as a scalable installation, with daily actions. Eight panels, found, some reworked, are held vertical by a series of straps attached to the metal structure of the ceiling. Every day I come to lift a panel, hanging it vertically in space, where it becomes a projection surface. Every day, a video featuring a body, materials and dancing silhouettes is projected. When a panel is raised, the previous one must be completely folded to the ceiling. As the days go by, the available panels decrease and a sort of heavy pier is created, suspended from the ceiling. The installation works like an Advent calendar. At the end of the exhibition, a party is organized in the same room. The videos projected on the panels use images, collected on the Internet, of parties organized in Le6b in previous years. The series reshapes these visual memories, their dematerialized status. People dancing there become absurd and melancholic silhouettes, mingled with patches of my skin and various liquids.

Exhibition “Welcome in Joyland, Kids! (Laughter tracks) “, 2015. Photographs © Julien Groboz and William Gaye