Film project, work in progress.

“The landscapes of the Ebro Delta, Vallbona and Tordera are inhabited or crossed by solitary and silent individuals.The seasons change while a particular object is passed from hand to hand. When the last smuggler comes to place this missing piece of the red puzzle, the word and memory will be found and listened to.”

With the support from Espai d’Arts Roca Umbert.

Art team : Jordi Mas Balado, Adéomi Souleymane, Ginebra Alfonso, Avril Malamateniou, Francele Cocco.
Players : Katharina Arndt, Benjie Dudgeon, Paula Gerbaudo, Txell Janot, Karina Karénina et Damien, Kalone Kienda, Maitetxu Mai, Jordi Mas Balado, Vignesh Melwani, Omar Moron, Palmira Sabaté Gómez, Sònia Sánchez, Ernestina Trulias.
Translations : Mercè Alsina, Lluís Estopiñan et Ignasi Prat Altimira.
Thanks : Laia Casanova, Vicenç Viaplana et Helena Pielias.