A white mattress a place is arranged vertically on a wall. The fabric surface of the mattress has sewing patterns. These are lines that undulate on a horizontal axis and are arranged on top of each other. Each wave curve of each line coincides its crest with the crest of the wave curve of the top line (for upward-facing curves) or below (for downward-facing ridges). A video is projected on the mattress. The width of the image corresponds to the width of the mattress. The bottom limit of the image is located at the mid-height of the mattress. The video image follows the movement of a caterpillar to the bottom of a glass jar. The bottom of this jar is not seen in full, the frame stops in the center, and includes the edge of the bottom of the jar where the caterpillar is at that time. The inner edge of the jar has small bumps on two rows. The caterpillar makes the turn of the bottom of this jar several times without stopping. The frame follows her. The video is looped. The Sleep of man. The body stopped, but MU by the circulation of the blood, by the oxygenation of the limbs, by a minimal nervous flow, by the activity of the cells. A few twitches. And the dream that moves. The dream that moves, which is mu by brain activity, which moves the brain, which makes the body move. of larval movements. Sleep when the body stopped is MU. The body circulated, the body oxygenated, the body that is flux. The dream that dreams of his dream, the body in the dream, the dream in the body. Body that smells the dream behind glass walls. 2002/mattress, video projection/variable dimensions