In di-stance


The remote video installation involves, in addition to the projector and the projection surface, a cache that allows filtering a vertical strip only. On the projection surface only this vertical band appears, the rest of the video image being projected on the cache. The projector and the cover are visible from the spectators, who can see the device, and watch on the cache the rest of the video image, blurred since the focus is made on the projection suface a few meters further. The video is a 2 minute loop. The last picture is on the first one in an exact continuity. We see a moving vertical line, which is the line bounded by two skins rubbing from top to bottom. The movement is repetitive and infinite.

Distance: It is the distance that separates the projected video from its origin, the effective distance between the lens of the projector and the location where one has chosen to see it and where it will be sharp. This is the distance canceled between two skins glued. Distance: di-stance, it is also two stanzas, two strophes of the same song. The hole of the lock by which we observe works here upside down. Abstract and tactile, the image is a line between two skins, two lights, two colors, two movements.

2005/video projection, cache/variable dimensions