In 2015, the magazine Ce Qui Secret offers me to make a contribution to the special online issue. I was supposed to set a duet with a person of my choice, and create a poetic or artistic proposition from a passage of “Capitalism and Schizophrenia” by Deleuze and Guattari. The passage assigned to us was from page 352 to page 384. Reading and understanding the philosophy of this masterpiece is difficult. For more than a year, many reflections and work tracks are generated. Little by little, this machine seems to rust and squeak. I choose to offer thisfew seconds animated GIF , from a piece of paper where a note was written. On a disagreement regarding the title of the proposal, my partner chooses to appear as anonymous. Thus, the infinite study of a philosophical writing with unfathomable depth, gives rise to a little chatty proposition, a loop.

Animated GIF, Contribution for Capitalism and Schizophrenia/review Ce Qui Secret. To see on : capitalism and schizophrenia/review Ce Qui Secret